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Red Glow Trophy Cam Aggressor
Red Glow Trophy Cam AggressorBushnell Aggressor latch on the side.2015 Trophy Cam HD Aggressor - rear viewSetup controls of trophy cam hd aggressorHere is how big the bushnell aggressor HD is.Red Glow Aggressor Review 2015
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Bushnell Aggressor HD Review

Aggressor HD Game Cam Review
4.1 Stars
Quick Facts
 Picture Trigger Time:
 Video Trigger Time:
 Picture Recovery Time:
 Video Recovery Time:
 Detection Range:
 Flash Range:
 Battery Type:
0.13 s.
2.40 s.
0.98 s.
5.0 s.
110 ft.
70 ft.
8 AA
5.75" x 4.25" x 3"

Bushnell Aggressor Red Glow trailcam

Review updated on: 12/3/15


  • Best picture detection zone on the market
  • Great battery life
  • Good video/picture quality
  • Excellent case design
  • 110 ft. detection range


  • Video trigger and recovery times are slow
  • Batteries are hard to remove

Detection Circuit       4.3 Stars
"Detection circuit is the cumulative ranking of how well a camera can detect an animal.  Trail cameras detect objects that have both heat & motion." 

How fast does the Aggressor HD take a picture?
    The Bushnell Aggressor HD is blistering fast when it takes a photo and when it takes the second photo.  0.13 second trigger time and recovery is under 1 second.

     In theory, this means the camera is capable of recording two pictures of an animal 1.24 seconds from the moment the animal is detected.  

     Folks, trail cameras don't get any faster than this.

How fast does the Aggressor HD take a video?
     Video trigger time isn't nearly as impressive.  In fact, it is quite slow.  2.4 seconds is a long time for the camera to wake up and start recording.

     5 seconds for video recovery is pretty good.  This isn't slow, but it also isn't the best we have tested.  Recovery time is very respectable.

     The Aggressor HD could use some improvements to the video detection circuit.

What area does the Aggressor cover?

     A really big area.  In our detection test, the Aggressor detected out a whopping 110 ft., this beat all other cameras hands down.

     It does struggle matching the detection angle to the field of view.  The is a 10.5º difference between the f.o.v. and the d.a.

     This will result in the camera taking pictures of animals that are outside the field of view, or what some people refer to as, false triggers.

Picture & Video Quality       4.2 Stars
"We measure the picture & video quality, not from megapixel ratings, but from actual images/videos that cameras have taken.  Don't be fooled by mpxl ratings.


Day Pictures

     Day pictures have clarity, excellent color and good depth.  The Aggressor will take dark day picture if placed in heavy shade.  Also, we have always noticed Bushnell cameras have a tendency to overexpose in bright sunlight.

     Overall, day pictures are outstanding and we have very few complaints.

Megapixel Ratings:
   Many people believe that the mpxl ratings that manufacturers advertise result in better pictures.  They don't.  In fact, they aren't really true...

    Companies inflate their pictures with "interpolation," this digitally adds megapixels.  For instance, this camera is rated at 14 megapixels, but this is not a 14 mpxl camera.  They interpolate the photos up to 14, from a camera that is way lower in actual megapixels.  Most cameras are actually somewhere between 2 and 5 megapixels.

   Every company employs this tactic because the average consumer has been tricked to think more mpxls = better pictures.  You aren't fooled though, you are now an educated consumer and will make your decision based on real photos - not marketing gimmicks.

Night Pictures

     We have been very happy with the red glow infrared night pictures this camera takes.

     The pictures have plenty of flash, solid clarity and only a slight tendency to overexpose.

     If you want to maximize your night pictures, have the horizon about midway up the picture.  Don't point the camera into the ground or an area when objects are close to the camera and bounce light back (creating the overexposure).

     When this camera takes a picture or video at night, the infrared LEDs will glow red.  For pictures, this will be over in less than a second, for videos the glow will stay on while the videos are recording.

Video Quality

    Click play on the left and we will play many of the videos we have collected from the Aggressor HD.

     Videos are pretty good.  Day pictures have good, not great color, but are smooth and adjust well to different lighting.  Night videos make an adjustment at the beginning of the video to tone down the flash if something is close to the camera.  We consider videos to be another strong suit of the Aggressor HD. 

     If you are using a Mac computer, you will need to download a DVIX player to make the videos compatible with your Mac.  This can be found online, for free.

Battery Life       4.0 Stars
"Battery life is simply the amount of time a camera can last on a set of batteries."

Battery Test Data

Resting Power
1.32 mW
Daytime Power Consumption
1.32 Ws
Nighttime Power Consumption
4.87 Ws

How long can the Aggressor HD last in the field?
     The resting power is exceptional and the day/night consumption is very good.  This camera is very efficient and capable of long battery life.

     This camera operates on 8 AA batteries.  It is capable of using alkaline, nimh and lithium batteries.  Our preference is lithium batteries, they will last the longest and be the most reliable.  Alkaline are by far the most unreliable battery.

     If this camera were to take 35 day pictures and 35 night pictures every 24 hour period, this camera would last an astounding 8.6 months in the field on a set of lithium batteries.

Ease of Use       3.9 Stars
"This comes down to the quality of the case design, durability of the camera and ease of operation and programming."

How easy is the camera to program?
     Programming is identical to any modern Bushnell.  Pretty easy to navigate and mostly user-friendly.  Outside of not having password protection and SD card overwrite, this camera has a ton of settings to choose from.

     There is even an AM, PM or 24 hour run time setting; just in case you only want the camera to be on during certain times of the day.

What we like and don't like about the case design:

     Case design is excellent.  The hinge design is big, strong and works well - even when it's cold out.  The materials used are strong and durable.

     The only downside to the case design is the battery compartment.  It holds the batteries well, they are just hard to get out of there.  You will have to use a flat head screwdriver or your keys.

What problems have we encountered with durability or defects:
     Durability is pretty typical of a camera made overseas.  We have seen one thing, when the camera is set to 1 second recovery, you will see multiple dark images on night pictures.  If you set the camera to 2 second recovery, the pictures are fine.

Conclusion:  Bushnell Aggressor HD Red Glow

     Overall, the 2015 Bushnell Aggressor is a huge success.  This is currently the fastest picture taking machine on the market, has great battery life, takes strong day/night pictures and is easy to use.

The only real weakness we have found is the slow video trigger and recovery times.  Outside of that, this is the best value we have tested in 2015 (and maybe ever).

The Aggressor HD basically gives you top of the line speed and performance, for a tiny fraction of the price.  If you are in search of a red glow infrared trail camera, the Trophy Cam Aggressor HD is a tough camera to turn down.

Enjoy our reviews?  Please consider purchasing your next trail camera from us.

Bushnell Trophy Cam Aggressor Red Glow Manufacturer Specifications

     - 2015 Model # 11-9774c

Photo Resolution
Video Resolution
Time Lapse Settings
14, 8 or 3 mpxl
1-3 multi-shot burst
1920 x 1080
5 - 60 s. video clips
1 m. to 60 m.
2 x custom setting /day

Photo Stamp
Picture + Video Mode Temperature Range
Time, date, temperature, moon phase and camera ID
-5° to 120° F.

Field of View
Start/Stop Time
Password Protection
AM, PM, 24 Hr.

SD Card Overwrite
PIR Settings
Flash Settings
Low, Normal, High, Auto
Low, Med., High
Red Glow Infrared

External Battery Jack
Batteries Required
Owner's Manual
6 Volt
8 AA
Bushnell Aggressor Owner's Manual

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